Study Guide

Mrs. Graham in Outlander

By Diana Gabaldon

Mrs. Graham

Just Druid

Mrs. Graham is the Reverend Wakefield's housekeeper. She's also a druid who can read tealeaves and palms and likes to dance around stone circles on pagan holidays. Why isn't there an A&E reality show about this woman? Seriously.

We don't know Mrs. Graham's first name, but her middle name might as well be foreshadowing. (For her sake, we hope that's not her first name.) She makes some super accurate predictions about Claire, even though she doesn't quite understand them. Neither woman understands how Claire's husband can be a stranger (goodbye, Frank, and hello, Jamie), why her love line makes her look like a bigamist, or why her time line is fractured.

Mrs. Graham's predictions slyly set us up for the hundreds of pages to come, and their accuracy makes us believe that magic might just be real after all…