Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 12

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 12

The Garrison Commander

  • At another inn, Claire wakes up, hearing a scratching outside her door.
  • It turns out to be Jamie, who is hiding from the English dragoons in the taproom. 
  • Claire offers for him to sleep in her room, but he doesn't want to damage her reputation, so she gives him some blankets, and he sleeps in the hall.
  • The next morning, Dougal takes Claire to the garrison commander of Fort William, who has been out inspecting the countryside.
  • Claire is dismayed they're not going near Fort William, where the stones of Craigh na Dun are located. 
  • The garrison commander turns out to be… Jonathan Randall. Dun dun dun
  • He grills her, trying to figure out who the heck she really is. 
  • When he can't get information from her, he has his guard hold her, and he punches her in the stomach. 
  • "Have you anything to say to me now, Madam?" (12.128), he asks.
  • Claire, never one to lose her nerve, retorts, "Your wig is crooked" (12.129). Ha.