Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 13

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 13

A Marriage is Announced

  • Dougal escorts Claire back to the inn, stopping at a saint's pool along the way for a drink of spring water.
  • He interrogates Claire, too, trying to figure out if she's a spy. 
  • He also reveals a few things about Jamie's history, including the fact that Captain Randall gets some pleasure from torturing Jamie. 
  • Dougal says he tried to bribe Randall into letting Jamie go, but Randall declined.
  • After some discussion, Dougal decides there's only one way to keep Claire from being arrested by the English, and that's to make her no longer a subject of the crown.
  • The best way to do that, of course, is to marry a Scot.
  • Ned Gowan draws up marriage papers to wed Claire with Jamie. 
  • Claire, fearing she has no other choice, signs the papers, then drinks her sorrows away.