Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 14

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 14

A Marriage Takes Place

  • The innkeeper's wife washes Claire and gets her properly dressed for her wedding day.
  • Jamie is dressed in full Highlander regalia, and he gives Claire his mother's pearls; he also finally reveals his full name to her:
  • James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser. Of the clan John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt, we're sure.
  • They wed, and Jamie slides a ring from his own finger onto Claire's finger… right next to the ring she wears which symbolizes her marriage to Frank.
  • Then they tie the knot. Literally. Their wrists are cut with a dirk and bound together with linen to merge their blood. Ouch. Love hurts.
  • Jamie recites the blood vow in Gaelic, and they are wed. Time to eat.