Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 15

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 15

Revelations of the Bridal Chamber

  • Dougal tells Claire, "I want this marriage consummated, wi' no uncertainty whatsoever" (15.2). Cue the Marvin Gaye?
  • In their room, Jamie asks Claire to tell him about her first husband, saying that he will do his "best to honor his spirit by serving his wife" (15.25).
  • Then they agree to always give each other honesty.
  • Jamie tells her that the main reason he married her was to keep her safe from Black Jack Randall.
  • They drink, and Claire learns a lot about Jamie's family and his history; then it's time for bed. 
  • Maybe we should put bed in italics. 
  • Jamie undresses Claire, and Claire finds out what Scotsmen wear under their kilts. 
  • Naked in bed, Claire takes Jamie's virginity.
  • Then they do it again.
  • Hungry from all the lovemaking, Claire steps outside… and is greeted with all the hoots and hollers of the men in the main room.
  • Guess there's no doubt now that the marriage is consummated. 
  • After eating, Claire, um, kisses Jamie's Blarney Stone, or whatever the Scottish version of this oral sex euphemism would be.
  • Claire and Jamie tell each other: "I don't hate you" (15.253). That's as close as they're getting to love for now.