Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 16

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 16

One Fine Day

  • The next day, Jamie tells Claire that he returned to Castle Leoch because Dougal told him that his sister, Jenny, was pregnant by Randall's child. 
  • That, and the English would probably arrest him if he went back there.
  • Jamie also wonders if Dougal is the one who tried to kill him, to keep him from ever inheriting the castle. Not that Jamie wants that at all. 
  • They spend the day fishing, lounging in the grass, hiding from the English watch at one point, and getting it on at various points in between.
  • Back at the inn, Rupert gives Jamie and Claire a wedding gift: money won at dice and cards.
  • Jamie calls Claire Mo duinne (16.230) for the first time… but definitely not the last.
  • In between all the hot lovemaking sessions, Jamie postulates who Claire might really be… but she doesn't reveal the truth yet.