Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 20

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 20

Deserted Glades

  • In the night, Hugh Munro stops by and leaves Claire a little present: a dragonfly trapped in a chunk of amber. 
  • The next morning, Jamie tells Claire another important fact of their marriage: If he dies, his land, Lallybroch, will be hers.
  • They go fetch some water, and by fetch some water we mean do the horizontal mambo.
  • A group of bandits interrupts their coitus, and a man named Harry tries to rape Claire.
  • She extracts her hidden dirk and kills the man, which gives Jamie the distraction he needs to kill the bad dude's partner in crime.
  • Dougal comes down and chastises them for taking so long. "Someone could come up behind ye and clap a pistol to your head before ye knew—" (20.83) he says, and Jamie and Claire laugh.
  • The next day, Jamie goes to meet Horrocks by himself. He orders Claire to stay behind.
  • She realizes that she's within three miles of Craigh na Dun. Time to make a break for it…
  • There's a huge river in the way, so she has to hop from rock-to-rock like she's in a live-action game of Frogger.
  • She falls in and almost drowns (all those petticoats are heavy when wet), but someone pulls her out of the water: Randall's right-hand man, Corporal Hawkins. Gulp.