Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 23

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 23

Return to Leoch

  • The information from Horrocks is not good news. He confirms that Jamie didn't shoot the sergeant-major… Randall did.
  • Jamie wonders where to flee to: Rome? France?
  • But first they have to go back to Leoch. The Duke of Sandringham is expecting them.
  • They return, and Laoghaire finds out that Jamie and Claire are wed. She is not happy.
  • Claire finds herself jealous of the girl, and asks Jamie if he's having an affair with her. 
  • His response: "We've been back to the Castle less than an hour […] and ye think I've gone straight out to seduce a maid of sixteen?" (23.104). In other words, Claire, you be trippin', girl. 
  • He gives Claire a new wedding ring, and they have some pretty intense sex, "tearing each other's flesh in the consuming desire to be one" (23. 176). As John Mellencamp would say: it hurts so good.