Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 3

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 3

The Man in the Wood

  • A commotion is being caused by men in kilts. Claire assumes they're part of some historical re-enactment. 
  • She pushes through the woods and is surprised to bump into Frank.
  • Then she realizes that it's not Frank… it's a man who looks just like her husband. 
  • It's… Jonathan Randall. Huzza-wha? Where are we? When are we?
  • Claire runs, and Randall tackles her from behind. He likes feeling her struggle, and he feels her up and kisses her. The cherry on top? He calls her a whore. Oh, he's a charmer. 
  • Before things progress, Randall is tackled by a man in a kilt and knocked out.
  • The kilted rescuer pushes Claire further into the woods. She bites him in an attempt to escape, and he knocks her out with a swift blow to the head.
  • She wakes up in a cabin surrounded by swarthy Scotsmen. The names she can make out: Dougal. Murtagh (who seems to be the man who rescued her). Rupert. Jamie.
  • Jamie is injured thanks to a musket ball through the arm and a dislocated shoulder. 
  • When Rupert tries to force the arm back into place, Claire stops him. As a nurse, she can do it better. And she does. 
  • They let her bandage Jamie's wound, too, but they won't give her a clean bandage, and they don't know what the word disinfected means. They're probably not packing Purell either.
  • After tending to Jamie the best she can, they load Claire up with everyone else on their band of horses and set off into the night. Claire wonders why she can't see the lights of Inverness, the nearest town.
  • The troop gets ambushed near Cocknammon Rock (hold your childish giggles), so Jamie dumps Claire into a bush to hide her.
  • She tries to escape, but Jamie catches up to her and takes her back.
  • As they continue their journey, Claire realizes that Jamie was injured in the battle again. 
  • She tends to him, but not without giving him a hearty tongue lashing for over-exerting himself and opening old wounds too.