Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 33

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 33

The Watch

  • Ian returns one day to say that he and Jamie were ambushed and the Watch took Jamie away. 
  • Jenny and Claire mount horses and set off to find him. 
  • They catch up to the Watch and whack a soldier on the head in order to question him when he comes to. He says that Jamie died; he jumped into the water and drowned.
  • Jenny thinks that soldier is full of you know what—she knows that Jamie is a good swimmer—so she and Claire follow the river looking for him.
  • Murtagh catches up with them, so Jenny can return home and he can accompany Claire.
  • He reveals that Ronald MacNab turned Jamie in to the Watch… so they burned his house down.
  • Don't worry, Grannie MacNab is working as the kitchen maid at Lallybroch now. 
  • Jenny rides home and wishes Claire luck in finding her brother.