Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 34

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 34

Dougal's Story

  • When Part 6 (The Search) begins, Claire and Dougal travel from town to town, gathering information from townsfolk and gypsies.
  • One night, a messenger comes and takes them to a cave.
  • It's not Jamie inside; it's Dougal. He reveals that Jamie is at Wentworth Prison, and he's condemned to hang.
  • He plans to take Claire as his own wife, so that he can own Lallybroch when Jamie dies.
  • She's not really up for that, though.
  • Claire also learns that Colum and Dougal are Jacobites together. They're in everything together.Ā 
  • Finally, Murtagh shows up and tips the balance of power in his and Claire's direction with a pair of pistols.
  • Dougal won't let any of his men go with Claire, but Claire asks to talk to them and let them decide of their own accord.
  • Five men go with her, including Rupert.
  • Before Claire leaves, Dougal says that Geillis Duncan is dead, but not before passing on a message ("I think it is possible, but I do now know" [34.174]) and a number (1967) to Claire. Could that be the year Geillis traveled back through the stones?