Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 35

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 35

Wentworth Prison

  • Here we are at Part 7 (Sanctuary): Claire enters Wentworth Prison pretending to be an English friend of the Fraser family. 
  • She asks Sir Fletcher Gordon if Jamie might be allowed to write a letter and if her groom (read: Murtagh) can come retrieve it. 
  • That plan works, and Claire comes back the next day, saying that her groom forgot to bring the present for Fletcher: some peach brandy.
  • They let Claire in, and she sees that Murtagh has knocked out a man and stolen his keys.
  • Claire uses them to enter the West wing. This is where they're holding Jamie. 
  • She ends up literally bumping into a young guard on the way. They're both caught off-guard, but Claire recovers her senses sooner… and kills the boy.
  • She continues into the basement and finds Jamie; his hand has been busted beyond all human recognition. 
  • Claire tries to free his leg shackles by beating a key into the lock with a mallet. She inadvertently knocks Jamie over and he falls on his injured hand, passing out.
  • While he's out, Randall comes in with a big ol' homunculus of a henchman, Marley. 
  • They splash water on Jamie, bringing him back to consciousness, and then Jamie manages to overpower Marley and beat him with a stool. 
  • Unfortunately, Randall presses a knife to Claire's throat while Jamie is occupied.
  • Jamie strikes a bargain with him: Randall can have his body if he just lets Claire go. 
  • Randall agrees. Jamie tells Claire that he loves her and she reluctantly leaves, but not before she tells Randall that she is a witch and tells him the exact date on which he will die.
  • She's unceremoniously shoved out the backdoor into a ditch full of dead dudes.
  • To make matters worse, she's tracked by a mangy wolf, which attacks her, though she manages to kill it by breaking its neck on the side of the castle. 
  • Where there's one wolf, there are many, though, and soon the pack surrounds her… but a Scotsman with a bow and arrow saves her.