Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 36

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 36


  • Claire wakes up in a cottage that belongs to a man named MacRannoch and his wife, Lady Annabelle.
  • Murtagh arrives and explains that Claire is Jamie Fraser's wife, and that makes him Ellen's son.
  • It turns out that MacRannoch gave Ellen the pearls that Jamie gave Claire—Scotland is a small world, it seems. 
  • While Murtagh is chatting them up, Rupert ends up stealing MacRannoch's cattle and somehow letting them loose in Wentworth Prison. 
  • During the catastrophe (should we say cow-tastrophe? No?), Jamie is recovered and Randall is trampled.
  • Back at the cottage, Claire has to tend to Jamie's wounds… and they are numerous.
  • The smashed hand is the worst… and Jamie doesn't want to be drugged either, in case they have to make a run for it. 
  • Jamie screams—a lot—but Claire gets it set the best she can.
  • Later that night, she sees MacRannoch cut a brand off Jamie's chest; it was a signet with Randall's initials. He had marked him.
  • Jamie tries to talk to Claire about what happened, about Randall raping him repeatedly, but he can't do it. He breaks down, shaking, and eventually falls asleep.