Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 4

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 4

I Come to the Castle

  • Claire arrives at Castle Leoch, and with the help of Mistress FitzGibbons, she better tends to Jamie's wounds.
  • During the course of treatment, she discovers that his back is covered in scars. He reveals that Randall once flogged him while he was imprisoned at Fort William.
  • He was accused of a crime he didn't commit (although, to be fair, he was getting away with a bunch of crimes that he was never accused of).
  • Claire bandages him up well, then she has a moment to think.
  • She realizes that she's been assaulted and kidnapped over the last twenty-four hours. She tries not to cry, even though she's afraid she'll never see her husband, Frank, again.Ā 
  • Jamie comforts Claire and then leaves her alone in the bedroom to sleep.