Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 5

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 5

The Mackenzie

  • Mistress FitzGibbons wakes Claire early and gives her more appropriate (read: blander) clothing to wear. The clan chieftain wishes to see her. 
  • Claire meets Colum Mackenzie in his office. He's very imposing… or he would be if he were taller than Napoleon, which he isn't. His legs are bowed and stumpy. 
  • He wants to know where Claire came from, so she gives him a carefully constructed lie. 
  • When he leaves for a moment, Claire riffles through his desk. She finds a letter dated 20 April 1743. Um, that's two hundred and two years prior to the day she left.
  • Colum returns with snacks, which Claire, trying to recover her composure, eagerly consumes. 
  • Colum lets Claire know that he basically doesn't trust her. He doesn't know who she is, but she's welcome to stay in Castle Leoch… at least until he finds out who she really is.