Study Guide

Outlander Love

By Diana Gabaldon


There are tons of romance stories out there. Classic romance. Modern romance. Dinosaur romance (seriously). But what if you combined all three? (The Loch Ness monster is a dinosaur, right?)

If you threw them all in a genre blender, you'd get time-travel romance—yes, this is a thing—and the most popular example of this genre is Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. It's a love story that spans two hundred years, uniting people who are from totally different centuries. In other words, it's epic, just how love should be.

Questions About Love

  1. When does Claire realize that she is in love with Jamie? When does Jamie realize he is in love with Claire?
  2. Is Jonathan Randall capable of love?
  3. Does Claire still love Frank even after marrying Jamie?
  4. Does Claire love Jamie differently than she loved (loves?) Frank?

Chew on This

Claire never gets rid of her wedding ring from Frank, so she loves Frank at the same time she loves Jamie.

Claire decides to stay in the 18th century, indicating that she loves Jamie more than she loves Frank.