Study Guide

Outlander Loyalty

By Diana Gabaldon


Loyalty factors into almost every relationship, whether it's personal or professional. Lovers are loyal to each other… or at least they should be if they don't want to be spreading herpes all over the place. Employees are loyal to their employers… if they are paid a living wage. And politicians are loyal to… oh, who are we kidding on that last one?

Things haven't changed in at least two hundred years. In Outlander, loyalties are critical in everything: friendship, partnership, and, yes, in and outside the bedroom.

Questions About Loyalty

  1. Who is Claire loyal to? Who is Jamie loyal to? When do they start becoming loyal to each other?
  2. How big of a part does loyalty play when it comes to clan politics in Scotland? What is the punishment for being disloyal?
  3. Which Scotsmen are loyal to the crown of England? Which aren't? Who are the "good" guys and who are the "bad" guys? How much of the political plotline depends on loyalty to the king?

Chew on This

Jamie is loyal to Claire because he knows that she can take care of him: physically, emotionally, and sexually.

Almost all of Scottish-English politics involve loyalty. Much of the background plot has to do with whether or not people like Dougal, Colum, and Geillis Duncan are loyal to the king of England or not.