Study Guide

Outlander Sex

By Diana Gabaldon


What would a six-hundred-page romance story be without sex? Well, it would be Twilight, but that's beside the point. We've got an adult romance on our hands with this book, and Diana Gabaldon packs Outlander's pages full of steamy scenes. There's so much sex in Outlander, we'd forgive you if you temporarily thought you were reading something dirty, like a Judy Blume novel.

Diana Gabaldon makes sex a critical part of almost everything. It's a way of expressing love; it's a way of exercising power; it's even a way of destroying something. Who knew three little letters could be so complicated?

Questions About Sex

  1. Is the sex in Outlander ever gratuitous?
  2. Why is sex required to make Jamie and Claire's marriage official? Why can't they just, ahem, fake it?
  3. How does Outlander show the ways in which sex can be healing? Or the ways it can be damaging?
  4. Are attitudes to sex in the 18th century different from the attitudes in the 1940s? If so, how?

Chew on This

As a nurse, Claire is used to healing. This skill of hers translates into sex, which she uses to heal as well as to love Jamie.

As a soldier, (and a total jerk, too) Jonathan Randall uses sex to cause harm and to destroy. It's what he does best.