Study Guide

Outlander The Supernatural

By Diana Gabaldon

The Supernatural

Time travel is pretty supernatural by definition. Our definition being: that sure as heck isn't natural. Other things that fall into this category: witchcraft, ghosts, and the Loch Ness monster. And guess what? You'll find two of these three things in Outlander,right alongside the time travel business.

By the time she's fallen two hundred years into the past, Claire doesn't bat an eye at any of this supernatural stuff. It makes her a believer, you might say. To her, all this stuff isn't super natural… it's just natural. And in the case of getting to pet the Loch Ness monster, well, it's pretty darn cool, too.

Questions About The Supernatural

  1. Can time travel be explained? Do you think Claire could return to her time if she wanted?
  2. Does Claire's fortune, told by Mrs. Graham, come true? 
  3. What other legends do you think are true?
  4. What the heck is up with that Loch Ness monster scene?

Chew on This

The supernatural element is just a way to tell the story of Outlander. Why Claire is able to time travel is not important to the story; just the fact that it happened is enough.

Because time travel is possible, almost any other legend—faeries, changelings, witchcraft, and monsters—might all be true as well. Time travel creates an anything-is-possible dynamic in Outlander.