Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 100

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 100


  • Pamela had quite a day.
  • As planned, they went to the dairy for breakfast, where they ended up meeting some little girls from a local boarding school.
  • Pamela had a great time chatting with the students, and eventually she realized that Mr. B knew one of them: a Miss Goodwin, who claims to be Mr. B's niece.
  • However, Pamela was pretty sure that Mr. B doesn't actually have any nieces, but she's pretty clever and figures out that Miss Goodwin is actually his daughter.
  • Pamela is super ticked and gives Mr. B the business about introducing her to his illegitimate daughter.
  • LOL kidding! She's thrilled, of course, and invites her new "niece" to come live with them.
  • Mr. B wants to talk it over, but he does tell Pamela all about Sally Godfrey.