Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 103

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 103


  • Pamela describes a visit from the neighboring gentry the previous day.
  • She ruminates about her desires in life, her piety, and what her married life is going to look like (in brief: she has a lot of visits to return, so she's going to be busy).
  • She also reports that Lady Davers sent a nice note this morning. In it, she asked again for Pamela's writings and promised to return them when she and Lord Davers visit (which she implies will happen as soon as she has finished reading the papers).
  • Pamela wants her parents to visit and asks again for that list of poor individuals in their area who could use her help, since her money's burning a hole in her pocket.
  • Also, Pamela wants to go back to the dairy to meet up with Miss Goodwin again, but Mr. B won't let her.
  • She closes the letter by noting that she has just received word that her parents are on their way, and she is thrilled.