Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 14

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 14

Letter XI

  • The letter is still missing, but Pamela has a lot to tell her parents about Mr. B's debauchery.
  • It started when Mr. B drew her into an inappropriate conversation, saying he would make her a gentlewoman if she were "obliging" and kissed her (14.7).
  • Pamela just about fainted, obviously, before managing to escape his grasp—but not the room.
  • Then she actually got a little feisty, calling out his behavior (and crying a lot).
  • No, no! Mr. B said. It was totally just a test—a test of Pamela's resolve to remain virtuous. Everything's going to be fine, if she keeps quiet about this incident.
  • Anyone buying that one? If so, we've got this awesome bridge in Brooklyn we'd like to sell you.
  • To sweeten the deal, he shoved some gold into her hand as an apology for scaring her with his "test" and then suggested she take a little stroll around the garden so she could get all the crying out of her system before returning to the house.
  • Pamela refused the money, naturally, putting it down on a nearby bench. While Mr. B was busy being "vex'd and confus'd at what he had done," Pamela scurried off to the garden to collect herself.
  • She wraps the letter up by asking her parents to pray for her and not to be too angry that she's still living in the house of her would-be rapist.