Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 17

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 17

Letter XIV

  • Pamela reports that things had actually been okay with her while her master was away visiting his sister for two weeks. But he returned home yesterday . . .
  • Dun dun.
  • The first thing he does is ask Mrs. Jervis if she thought Pamela was really an asset to the household, asserting that he thinks she's "artful" (17.1), a.k.a. a tease.
  • He's worried that Pamela will go husband-hunting on the staff. Has Mrs. Jervis has seen any boys hanging around?
  • Nope.
  • Mr. B isn't convinced, claiming that Mrs. Jervis will one day see that Pamela is an "artful Gypsey" (17.3).
  • (Apparently, Mrs. Jervis is relaying all this info to Pamela.)
  • Pamela thinks Mr. B is just hurt about being rejected, and—
  • BRB, GTG.