Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 19

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 19

Letter XVI

  • Here's how that meeting went:
  • Mr. B started out making fun of Pamela for overreacting and getting mad at her for telling on him.
  • Mrs. Jervis, all nervous because it's probably her job on the line too, tried to downplay the seriousness of the master's behavior, which—of course—made Pamela cry.
  • Oh, sure, Mr. B said, Pamela is pretty and all—but he's just playin' around.
  • This suggestion that his harassment was a "jest" (19.13) got Pamela angry all over again, and then Mrs. Jervis got mad at her.
  • The meeting ended with Mr. B resolving to fire Pamela and send her back to her parents.
  • Thus, she is writing now to let her parents know to expect her as soon as she can wrap up any remaining tasks.
  • Woohoo! Book's over; time to take a celebratory nap.