Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 21

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 21

Letter XVIII

  • Pamela's next letter picks up where she left off, first describing what happened later that evening when Mrs. Jervis came to bed.
  • Apparently, Mr. B was quite moved by Pamela's demonstrations of gratitude at his feet, and Mrs. Jervis suspects that he would allow her to stay, if she begged.
  • However, Pamela assured Mrs. Jervis that she is thrilled to be leaving. Mrs. Jervis initially pulled a guilt trip on Pamela for leaving her, but ultimately she understood and promised her a character reference.
  • Since then, Pamela has gotten the vibe that her master is extremely angry with her again, as he reacts badly every time they meet each other in the hall (and he even cursed at her). However, since she's leaving, Pamela is trying not to let his harshness get to her.