Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 22

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 22

Letter XIX

  • Uh oh. Pamela reports that Mrs. Jervis made a point of showing their master the waistcoat Pamela has been working on for him, and now he wants her to stay to finish it.
  • Though Pamela still trusts Mrs. Jervis (bad move, we're thinking), she has noticed that her friend has been having some private chats with Mr. B. Not cool, Mrs. J.
  • Also, Mrs. Jervis has been trying to justify the master's behavior by saying he's got feeeeeelings for Pamela even though she's totally low class, and he's acting out because he can't shake them. But he's sorry! For reals.
  • Pamela still wants to leave, and ends the letter by describing how everyone in the house loves her, except for perhaps the cook, Jane. She mentions liking the steward, Mr. Longman, in particular.