Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 25

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 25

Letter XXII

  • Uh oh. Mr. B hasn't shaped up his act at all. Apparently, he was nasty to Pamela in the hall and Jonathan overheard.
  • As a result, all of the servants are apparently now concerned (read: gossiping) that Pamela is about to get fired.
  • At this point, Mr. B busts in on Pamela and interrupts her writing, so she picks up with her story a bit later.
  • During his visit, he accused her of witchcraft (presumably because of her effect on him), and they discussed when she might leave. Pamela thinks that he wanted her to beg to stay, but she wouldn't.
  • She also notes that he seemed conflicted, alternately ordering her to stay in the room (while grabbing her hand so roughly it hurt her) and then, the next moment, demanding she leave.
  • Then there's a bunch of business about how Mrs. Jervis, Mr. Longman, and Jonathan all feel about the sitch: basically, they all love Pamela except the master.
  • So, there's that.