Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 27

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 27

Letter XXIV

  • Pamela reports that her plan to try on her new clothes turned into a total mess.
  • She got herself all dressed up in her modest clothes and then trotted off to show Mrs. Jervis her new clothes. But oops! While they were visiting, the master passed through the room. Since he only saw Pamela from the back, he didn't recognize her.
  • When he rang for Mrs. Jervis a minute later, he asked about the "stranger", and she decided play a kind of trick on Mr. B, inviting him to come "meet" the girl.
  • Whyyyyyyy Mrs. Jervis?
  • As you might imagine, this all ended super well, with Mr. B making yet another pass at Pamela. Luckily, she managed to get away.
  • When the master, Mrs. Jervis, and Pamela later got together to debrief (lolllll) on the incident, things got pretty heated and Pamela eventually had to jet.
  • Later, she received a note from Jonathan saying that Rachel overheard the master vowing that he would "have" Pamela. (Yes, that's about three levels of overhearing. There's a lot of overhearing in this book.)

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