Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 28

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 28

Letter XXV

  • Pamela picks up her story at bedtime on the day described in the previous letter.
  • When Mrs. Jervis came to bed, Pamela chewed her out for playing that trick on Mr. B.
  • Guess who was hiding in the closet listening to the entire thing? Go on, guess.
  • Yep, Mr. B.
  • He tried to kick Mrs. Jervis out and agreed not to hurt Pamela if she were to quiet down and "take what follows" (28.15).
  • Mr. B managed to get his hands on Pamela, but she pulled her usual shenanigans and fainted—for a few hours.
  • When she woke up, Mrs. Jervis and Rachel were tending her.
  • It seems like the master had more or less covered his tracks by the time she awoke.