Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 32

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 32

Letter XXIX

  • Pamela writes again to pass the time before she is to leave. She reflects on how her life will be upon departing and how her service at the house has prepared her for it (or not).
  • Mrs. Jervis offered to help her out with some money, but Pamela refused.
  • Also, Pamela has been preoccupied with figuring out which clothes to leave behind and which to take. She apparently divided her store of clothing into three categories and asked Mrs. Jervis's advice regarding which ones she should take. Little did she know, Mrs. Jervis had arranged for Mr. B to listen to their conversation.
  • Apparently, she thought he would be touched by Pamela's humility and fairness in trying to make sure she didn't take more with her than she was entitled to have.
  • Pamela eventually figured out that the master had been listening and was super ticked off.