Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 35

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 35

  • The novel now breaks briefly from the epistolary format it has used so far, and we get some commentary from the work's "editor" (i.e., Richardson) regarding what happens to Pamela next.
  • According to the editor, upon finding that Pamela cannot not be persuaded to stay, the master orders his Lincolnshire coachman, Robin, to come pretend to take Pamela home.
  • Pretend, you ask?
  • Where did he actually take her, you ask?
  • Why, to his Lincolnshire estate, of course.
  • The editor also reveals that the master has been ordering John to give him all of Pamela's letters to read. He has also held back the last three she has written.
  • After sending Pamela off, Mr. B writes Pamela's father alleging that he had become aware of a love affair between Pamela and a young clergyman, and that he had sent Pamela elsewhere to protect her. The master claims to support the match, but not until he can help the clergyman support a family.
  • In the same letter, he also addresses Pamela's representation of his abusive and predatory behavior, attempting to play everything off as a mix of bantering and Pamela's imagination.
  • Pamela's father doesn't really know what to make of all this, so he decides to head out to Bedfordshire to check out the situation at Mr. B's.
  • The master feeds Mr. Andrews a lot of hooey to get him off his back, repeating his story about the clergyman and claiming he has only honorable intentions. He also promises that Pamela will write within the week, having Mrs. Jervis send him away with some money for his return journey.
  • Meanwhile, the Bedfordshire house staff goes into a tizzy when they realize Pamela hasn't actually been taken home (as they themselves had believed when they saw her off), with Mrs. Jervis fearing the worst.
  • However, Pamela then sends Mrs. Jervis word that she has been duped but is otherwise fine.
  • Mrs. Jervis forwards Pamela's letter to her parents who figure there is really nothing they can do at this point to help Pamela, given the master's status and power, other than pray.