Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 41

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 41


  • More bad behavior from Mrs. Jewkes—and from Pamela, who got so annoyed at Mrs. Jewkes's immorality that she called her "Jezebel."
  • Mrs. Jewkes took the high road (not really) and smacked her, but then Pamela ensured that they literally kissed and made up.
  • Eventually, she was able to shake Mrs. Jewkes long enough to get to the tiles to retrieve a letter from Mr. Williams saying he'll do whatever it takes to help Pamela, even though he could lose his current living and all future prospects for doing it.
  • He seems pretty taken with Pamela. But who isn't?
  • There were a lot of letters back and forth, Pamela tells us, so her correspondence is getting hard to find. Solution: she stitches it into her undergarments.
  • After writing the letter to Mr. Williams and securing it on her person, she went fishing with Mrs. Jewkes.
  • However, finding that the trapping of an innocent fish for sport hits a little too close to home, she decides she wants to garden instead.
  • She pats herself on the back for picking this hobby, as it will allow her a lot of access to the hiding place for her letters.