Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 42

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 42

Friday, Saturday

  • Uh oh. Mrs. Jewkes has tricked her out of the money she had on hand, pretending to borrow it to pay a tradesman. That's going to make escape more difficult.
  • Also, the master sent a letter to Pamela asking for permission to approach her. Pamela barely read it, as she was much more anxious to (hopefully) find a letter from Mr. Williams outside.
  • Bad news. Mr. Williams can't find anyone to help her.
  • However, in better news, he says that he has no reason to believe the master is currently planning a trip to Lincolnshire, and he agrees to send her writings to her parents.
  • He's also going to sneak Pamela a key that she can use to escape and then describes other logistics that will need to be in place to get her out of there safely.
  • She writes him back a quick response to let him know that the master was now asking to come down, which means they should probably hurry up with this escape plan.
  • She then asks Mrs. Jewkes what she should do and is all grumpy when Mrs. Jewkes advises her to invite Mr. B come, although we really don't know what she expected.
  • Finally, she writes to Mr. B telling him to put it all in writing.
  • She let Mrs. Jewkes read the letter before sending it.