Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 5

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 5

Letter II

  • Next up is a letter from Pamela's parents to.
  • It seems they are less enthused about Pamela's new boss and his attentions toward her. They are super nervous that he has less-than-honorable intentions toward their pretty and talented daughter.
  • They mention that they are indeed super poor, as Pamela alluded to, though apparently they used to be a bit better off. They also drop in there that they would essentially rather that she die than compromise her virtue. So, there's that.
  • They've consulted with the Widow Mumford, who has some knowledge of the customs of good families. She was able to confirm that the son's actions toward Pamela seemed on the up and up, but Pam's parents tell her to be on guard. (We recommend a good chastity belt.)
  • They beg Pamela to flee the house immediately if the young master makes any "attempt" on her virtue.
  • Oh, and about that money? They can't take it while they're afraid that Mr. B is just giving it to her to butter her up for sexual favors, so they're going to set it aside for now.