Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 53

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 53

Monday, Tuesday, the 25th and 26th Days of My Heavy Restraint

  • Well, it looks like Pamela's instincts were right on. Letters arrived addressed to her and Mrs. Jewkes, but they were apparently labeled incorrectly.
  • As a result, Pamela opened the letter intended for Mrs. Jewkes, which was quite illuminating.
  • According to what he has written to Mrs. Jewkes, Mr. B is ticked off at Pamela and Mr. Williams—in fact, he's planning to ruin Mr. Williams financially.
  • He has asked Mrs. Jewkes to keep a really close eye on Pamela, as he wants her "reserved" for his own "future Resentment" (53.1). He's even sent along a servant, Colbrand, to prevent Pamela from escaping.
  • Mr. B's has his panties in a twist because he believes Pamela and Mr. Williams (you know, the pair he supposedly wanted to see married?) have been canoodling, and he refuses to believe that Pamela never encouraged Mr. Williams's proposals.
  • He ends the letter by claiming that he will not do anything improper to Pamela herself, but he totes hates her now.
  • He also claims that he's going to London but will come around in about three weeks to figure out what to do with his prisoner.
  • Pamela had just finished reading this letter when Mrs. Jewkes ran up, realizing the mistake. Chastising Pamela for reading a letter that wasn't hers, she delivered the correct one.
  • The letter from Mr. B Pamela is pretty vicious; in it, he attacks her for canoodling and conniving with Mr. Williams and promises her lots of future pain and discomfort, and not in a Fifty Shades of Grey kind of way.
  • Well, okay, maybe in a Fifty Shades of Grey kind of way.
  • Basically, everything is awful.