Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 55

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 55

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st Days of My Distress

  • So, apparently Pamela is still in distress. We're guessing the escape attempt didn't go well.
  • Pamela reports that she did get out the window, but she hurt her ankle in the process. She then hid her papers under a rose bush and went toward the pond, where she tossed in some of her clothes.
  • Unfortunately, upon trying to unlock the garden door, she discovered that it had been changed. She then tried to scale a wall, but it crumbled and she fell.
  • With no means of getting away or back into the house, she was feeling pretty sad and desperate, and she even considered suicide.
  • But suicide would violate her religious principles, so she crawled into an outhouse, where Nan found her the next morning.
  • Mrs. Jewkes was super angry until she realized how hurt Pamela was.
  • Pamela was then brought upstairs, where Nan and Mrs. Jewkes tended to her injuries.
  • Once she was better, it was back to the old regimen: no writing tools and lots of sour looks.