Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 56

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 56

Sunday Afternoon

  • Pamela appears to be feeling better; in fact, she's even gone outside for a bit.
  • They hear that Mr. B was almost drowned while crossing a stream. Despite all his bad behavior (and the fact that Mr. B's death would have meant her freedom), she found herself glad that he escaped death.
  • Mrs. Jewkes tells Pamela that John has been fired for engaging in efforts to assist Pamela, and Mr. Longman and Mrs. Jervis are also in serious trouble for speaking up for her.
  • Oh, and the master is considering having her married to Monsieur Colbrand and then essentially buying her off him on the wedding day. Pamela would be forced to go along with this arrangement because of her duty to obey her husband.
  • Alternatively, Pamela fears that she might be tricked into a fake marriage to "ruin" her (56.5).
  • (Brain Snack: this was actually a Thing that could happen, since no one really carried ID in the eighteenth century. A guy could pose as a priest, or your husband could already be married, making yours invalid.)