Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 60

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 60

Saturday morning

  • So, a couple of hours after arriving, Mr. B went up to see Pamela and was incredibly hostile and insulting. He even stormed out in the midst of their conversation.
  • Later, he called her down and forced her to wait on him. She was so upset she couldn't pour the wine without spilling it.
  • During the course of the dinner, she was forced to listen to Mr. B and Mrs. Jewkes insult her. Eventually, Pamela threw herself on her knees and begged Mr. B to listen to her complaints about Mrs. Jewkes, but he refused.
  • Instead, he just creeped on her and made some vague threats about what would happen to her if she didn't behave.
  • Meanwhile, Pamela heard that Sir Simon Darnford would be visiting, and she would likely be required to make an appearance.
  • Eventually, the master's "proposal" arrives. It's of various benefits he would confer on Pamela and her family if she would consent to live as his mistress--with the potential for marriage later, if he decides he wants to.
  • Uh huh. We totally believe that.
  • When she delivered her written refusal, Mr. B got agitated, insisting he would get what he wanted regardless (and, once again, tried to kiss and manhandle her). She got away as soon as she could.