Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 61

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 61

Almost Twelve O'clock Saturday Night

  • Pamela writes again later that same day.
  • Mrs. Jewkes came up to fetch her for Mr. B, but when Pamela discovered she was being taken to the master's chamber, she refused to enter.
  • When Mrs. Jewkes returned upstairs, she and Pamela argued about the latter's behavior. Pamela was too afraid of a surprise visit from the master to undress and get into bed, and Mrs. Jewkes threatened to undress her by force.
  • Pamela finally agreed to come to bed, but only if she could wear two coats and sleep with the keys to the chamber
  • Finally, Mrs. Jewkes has ordered Nan not to talk to Pamela or respond to anything she says, which Pamela finds odd.