Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 66

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 66

Wednesday Night

  • Pamela begins with the cryptic assertion that she is either close to great happiness or great misery. Ookay.
  • She then launches into the day's story:
  • The master came to see her while she was having dinner with Mrs. Jewkes, back to acting nice. After dinner, they went outside together, and Mrs. Jewkes indicated that she thought the master intended to make Pamela mistress of the house (as opposed to the other kind of mistress).
  • Time for a Serious Talk. Mr. B effectively asks Pamela for her advice about what he should do.
  • Pamela is impressed by how sincere and noble he seems, but just asks him to leave her virtue alone and allow her to return to her parents.
  • Also, he should probably not to do anything stupid (like try to marry her).
  • She then confides that she's afraid his affectionate behavior was just a ploy, referring to the conversation she overheard. He reassured her that he was sincere.
  • Then he made her promise that her repeated refusals of his advances were not the result of feelings for another person.
  • Apparently, Mr. B is still worried about Mr. Williams, but Pamela was totally never in love with him.
  • Could she ever love Mr. B?
  • Pamela still doesn't want to answer, and says she stopped herself from saying something embarrassing.
  • They both seemed happy with the conversation but confused about where to go from there.
  • Mr. B has said he wants to marry Pamela, but they've agreed that it's impossible.
  • Sooooo … now what?
  • Volume II.