Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 68

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 68

Friday Night

  • Pamela begins with the news that she has retrieved her letters from under the rose bush, since she saw the gardener digging near there.
  • Apparently, while walking outside, Pamela and Mrs. Jewkes came upon a traveling fortune teller hanging out on the other side of their gates.
  • The fortune teller told them their fortunes through the gate. In order to be able to make out the lines on Pamela's hand, the woman grabbed a tuft of grass and rubbed it with the "Mould-part" (68.4). After telling Pamela her fortune, the woman seemed to want to say more to Pamela, but Mrs. Jewkes pulled her away.
  • Later, while the other servants were preoccupied, Pamela decided to go back and look at the spot where the fortune teller had pulled up the grass and found a message for her there.
  • The letter warns that the master plans to trick Pamela into a fake marriage so he can have his way with her.
  • Oops. Guess Pamela shouldn't have basically told Mr. B that she loved him.