Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 70

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 70

Saturday, Six O'clock

  • Mr. B came to find Pamela before he read the papers, apparently just so he can refuse to give them back when she begs.
  • He's super ticked to find what appear to be love letters between Mr. Williams and Pamela.
  • Pamela essentially takes him to task for his reading skills, saying that the text doesn't support his interpretation.
  • The master wants to know where the letters to her parents are, asking her to get them back for him to read.
  • She tries to parlay that request into getting permission to return to her parents and send them herself, but … again, no dice.
  • They go back and forth about the content of these letters and his right to see them (or lack thereof).
  • They also got onto the topic of where Pamela hid her writing supplies and her most recent letters. She tells him where the supplies are, but, since the letters are in her underclothes, she's not so into giving that info away.
  • He starts to suspect they're in her clothes and threatens to strip her—so she convinces him to let her go upstairs to retrieve them herself.
  • Upstairs, she writes a note begging him to give her until the next day to produce the letters, so she can read over what she was giving to him.
  • Okay fine, he says.
  • Hoping to avoid having to give him everything, she has created two packets of letters containing the letters from Day 20 to Day 42 of her imprisonment, omitting the ones she has just written on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the present week.
  • She plans to give him the first packet and, if that's not enough, chase it with the second one.