Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 72

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 72


  • Pamela now writes from a small village where they have stopped on their way to her parents.
  • She didn't get her papers back from the master, and apparently he's quite angry and wants to stay that way.
  • On Pamela's way out of the house, Mrs. Jewkes stepped in to where the master was sitting to ask if he wanted to see "the girl" before she left (72.5).
  • Even though he's angry at Pamela, the master chewed out Mrs. Jewkes for her lack of deference in referring to Pamela this way.
  • In that same conversation, Mrs. Jewkes criticized the master for letting Pamela get away without taking what he wanted, and he chews her out again.
  • Pamela overheard all this, of course, and rushed in to throw herself at Mr. B's feet to express her gratitude.
  • She found that Robin would be driving the chariot, and Monsieur Colbrand would accompany them on horseback part of the way for security.
  • When they arrived at their stopping place, Monsieur Colbrand shared with Pamela that he had a letter to give to her the next day at noon. She convinced him to let her see it early.
  • In the letter, the master that he was planning to propose marriage to Pamela, until Pamela rebuffed him by expressing her desire to return to her family. He claims he still likes her, but he's going to overcome it.
  • Pamela is gutted. Surprise! It turns out that she now loves Mr. B.