Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 73

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 73

Monday Morning Eleven O'clock

  • The next day, Pamela writes from the inn owned by Mrs. Jewkes's relations. There's a letter from the master.
  • Apparently, he started reading her journal after she left, and as he expected, he now regrets letting her go.
  • In the letter, he begs her to come back. He would have come himself to get her, but he's so upset that he's lying in bed sick.
  • Pamela's a little confused about the whole sham marriage thing, but she decides … to go back.
  • Yes. She decides to return to the house of her would-be rapist because he says he's really sorry and also kind of sick.
  • They rush back and reach the house late, after the master had gone to sleep.