Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 75

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 75

Wednesday Morning

  • The next day, the squire asks Pamela to go out riding with him, and he totally treats her as the lady of the house.
  • They talk about the logistics of married life, and clear up the fortune teller's story about the sham marriage.
  • Mr. B says, okay, he was planning that, but then abandons it after considering the impact on any children they produce
  • As they drive home, the master tells Pamela that there are going to be some fancy guests showing up in the next few days, and he wants her to come downstairs and meet them.
  • Back home, Mr. B tries to patch things up with Mrs. Jewkes and Pamela.
  • Pamela reassures Mrs. Jewkes that she's not going to fire her (why??), even inviting Mrs. Jewkes to remain her bedfellow.