Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 77

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 77


  • Pamela describes the day of the neighbors' visit. The party included Sir Simon Darnford, his wife, and his two daughters; Lady Jones and her sister-in-law; and Mr. Peters, his wife, and his niece.
  • Everyone was super eager to meet Pamela, and they praised everything from her dress to her humility to her carving skills. They even invited her to sit down with them.
  • Later, Mr. B has a surprise for her: her dad's come to visit!
  • She was so excited that she knocked over the card table in her eagerness to hug him.
  • Meanwhile, the other guests had enthusiastically received Mr. Andrews into their company and tried to make him feel at ease.
  • Pamela and her dad have dinner with the fancy guests, and then Mr. B asks Pamela to set a date. She says she'll let him know tomorrow.