Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 78

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 78


  • In the morning, Pamela, Mr. B, and her dad talk about Pamela's letters.
  • And then they argue about what Pamela should be wearing. Seriously.
  • Pamela says they'll marry in two weeks.
  • After breakfast, Pamela went and dressed herself in some of the finer clothes her former mistress had given her, surprising her father with her appearance when she came back down.
  • Meanwhile, the master had given her father twenty guineas to use for "such Apparel, as they should think proper" (78.15).
  • Mr. B and Pamela meet up with Mr. Williams and introduce him to Mr. Andrews. It's all one big happy family, and Mr. B even lends Pamela's dad some clothes for church the next day.