Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 83

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 83

Wednesday Evening

  • Pamela writes that Mr. B has been trying to put her mind at ease, offering to postpone if necessary, but she refused.
  • Mr. B and Pamela also discussed Lady Davers, and Pamela begged her fiancĂ© to "bear with" his sister (82.11).
  • Both Pamela and the squire remarked that Pamela has no female friends to help her through this momentous occasion, and Mr. B suggested that she ask Mrs. Jewkes to attend her at the wedding. Pamela agreed, and they let Mrs. Jewkes into the secret, giving her strict instructions regarding secrecy.
  • Also, Mrs. Jewkes and Pamela got a bit further in burying the hatchet. Pamela assured Mrs. Jewkes that she won't hold a grudge, and Mrs. Jewkes pledged to be a good servant to Pamela.