Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 87

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 87

Friday Evening

  • Pamela reports being a happy camper today, rejoicing that her new husband's behavior on their wedding night was "very delicate and unexceptionable" (87.1). Uh huh.
  • She describes their discussion at breakfast, where he asked her to write her parents to say that she was married.
  • He then gave Pamela 50 guineas to give to her parents to help them pay off their debts and generally posh themselves up a bit. He also told Pamela he wants to help her parents find a new house.
  • Then, he gave her 100 guineas to give the staff when they leave Lincolnshire. (Remember, Pamela was making about four guineas a year working for Mr. B's mother—this is a lot of dough.)
  • More logistical discussion follows, including Pamela's request that Mr. B rehire some servants he fired.