Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 90

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 90

Sunday, the Fourth Day of My Happiness

  • Pamela reports she's really starting to dig her new life.
  • At breakfast, she reiterated that she wanted Mr. B to make up with his sister. He claimed he wanted that, too.
  • Then he lays down a rule for Pamela's attire: she has to be dressed before dinnertime.
  • Also, he set some ground rules for when she should come to bed and get up in the morning, when they should eat dinner, and other general matters related to her behavior and comportment.
  • Bossy!
  • He also asked her to set some rules for him, but she couldn't think of anything to ask.
  • Later on, their guests arrived. When drinks were being served, Mrs. Jewkes addressed Pamela as "her ladyship," which clued the guests into the fact that Pamela and Mr. B had gotten hitched.
  • They then all agreed to meet up on Tuesday night before Mr. B and Pamela leave to go to Bedfordshire.
  • Then, they all went to the little chapel for afternoon prayers.